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Memorial Day Updates!

Hey Makers! It's Memorial Day weekend and I have some updates for you guys.

First things first, school's out for summer. This means that I have a lot more time to work on my own projects like my business Sparks to Sparkles, and some electronics projects. For starters, I am working on sewing my own skirt right now that will light up with wearable electronics. More on this project soon.

The Healthy Planter project that I was working on was finished. It didn't work great, but it did work well enough for proof of concept. I will be posting a full guide with details on how I made the planter and the results of using it in the coming days.

All of the project that I work on this summer will have full guides made for them as well. Stay tuned. This is shaping up to be an awesome summer for making.
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Gaming: Pokemon TCG

Last weekend I attend a Pre-Release for the new card game set of Pokemon, Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising. A Pokemon Pre-Release gets you a bunch of cards, and the opportunity to participate in a small draft with the new cards you just got. With the cards I got, I found a basis to build a new deck. My Pre-Release competition deck (only 40 cards) was based on Vanillite, an adorable ice cream cone. It worked really well and I won all 3 matches I was in. It got me thinking, I could make an entire 60 card deck based on Vanillite. So far, I have built the deck with almost all Guardians Rising cards and I have been testing it out some this week. So far it is doing pretty well, besides some bad starting hands that left me with no energy cards. Hopefully I will be able to tweak it some to make a fun and usable deck. In case you were wondering what all is in my deck, I have included my deck list below. If you like it, let me know!
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Vanillite x4 Vanillish x3 V…

Learning this week: Infopreneurship

This week is an online Infopreneurship conference. I am "attending" and listening and learning about it. So, what is infopreneurship? Infopreneurship is the idea of creating a business based on your knowledge and passion and sharing it with others. Now, this sort of lifestyle choice isn't for everyone but I thought I would at least learn about it because the knowledge is free.

Infopreneurship Summit

This online learning platform is available through May 4, 2017. If you are interested in learning more about Infopreneurship, as I am, check it out!
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