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Last weekend I attend a Pre-Release for the new card game set of Pokemon, Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising. A Pokemon Pre-Release gets you a bunch of cards, and the opportunity to participate in a small draft with the new cards you just got. With the cards I got, I found a basis to build a new deck. My Pre-Release competition deck (only 40 cards) was based on Vanillite, an adorable ice cream cone. It worked really well and I won all 3 matches I was in. It got me thinking, I could make an entire 60 card deck based on Vanillite. So far, I have built the deck with almost all Guardians Rising cards and I have been testing it out some this week. So far it is doing pretty well, besides some bad starting hands that left me with no energy cards. Hopefully I will be able to tweak it some to make a fun and usable deck. In case you were wondering what all is in my deck, I have included my deck list below. If you like it, let me know!
Never stop making!
Rebecca the Maker

Vanillite x4
Vanillish x3
Vanilluxe x4
Wailmer x2
Wailord x1
Electric Oricorio x2
Komala x1
Rayquaza x2
Brooklet Hill x1
Rescue Stretcher x1
Energy Loto x1
Aqua Patch x2
Hau x2
Multi Switch x1
Energy Recycler x3
Professor Kukui x1
Mallow x2
Lillie x1
Timer Ball x2
Nest Ball x2
Electric Energy x4
Water Energy x18

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