Memorial Day Updates!

Hey Makers! It's Memorial Day weekend and I have some updates for you guys.

First things first, school's out for summer. This means that I have a lot more time to work on my own projects like my business Sparks to Sparkles, and some electronics projects. For starters, I am working on sewing my own skirt right now that will light up with wearable electronics. More on this project soon.

The Healthy Planter project that I was working on was finished. It didn't work great, but it did work well enough for proof of concept. I will be posting a full guide with details on how I made the planter and the results of using it in the coming days.

All of the project that I work on this summer will have full guides made for them as well. Stay tuned. This is shaping up to be an awesome summer for making.
Never stop making!
Rebecca the Maker


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