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An end to an unexpected hiatus

It's been a long time since my last post, and I am still behind on posting projects and tutorials on my other blogs. I've had a super busy summer. I worked on some curriculum design and lots of fun projects! I have also started writing a book with my own curriculum, and I promise (super super promise) that I will post more details on these projects throughout October.
Honesty time, I am super new to blogging. I am still trying to figure out my own bugs and making a schedule and sticking to it for posting content. I work on a lot of big projects and I want to get into more video content in the future. A lot of the time, I am reading and learning new things. This isn't always interesting to hear about, but it is super important in order for me to do the fun things and fun projects that I do all of the time.
Coming up, I am a maker at Greater Hartford Mini Maker Faire in October of 2017. I am also a speaker at the Connecticut Science Teacher's Association Conference in No…